Weekly Schedule

Grade 8 general overview schedule

All Grade 8 students engage in the same learning strands in the Grade 8 Program: 

Students also attend a regularly scheduled session of either French, French Immersion or Learning Centre according to each student’s specific needs; we are already aware of each student’s needs in that regard. Students are automatically enrolled in a complete schedule of courses and do not need to do any formal course selections. As noted on the Home page of this site, however, Grade 8 Program students can participate in extracurricular arts and athletics if they choose.

The following teachers make up the formidable Grade 8 Program team:

Students are required to be in attendance from the start time through to the end time each day. Students are dismissed at the program end time each day. At that time, they can choose to remain in the classroom for tutorial to work on their academics independently or with a teacher, or they may be participating in an extracurricular art or athletic opportunity, or a combination of the two. For example, if a student's athletic event doesn't begin until 4:00, they can remain in the classroom completing homework before their event begins. 

Grade 8 Master weekly schedule

The Grade 8 Master Weekly Schedule shows more detailed times during each school day. Because the French/Learning Centre class occurs during D block in the senior school schedule, you will notice that class in different places every other day each week. The master schedule is adjusted to accommodate the 'locked in' French/Learning Centre period. 

Note that 'Humanities' is the term used for English Language Arts and Social Studies. The Humanities or Math/Science periods may include Humanities or Math/Science instruction plus ADST, Career Education, and Health lessons and activities. 

The schedule for each week is posted on this page for several weeks ahead of the current date.


The Grade 8 Program is a five-day program, while the 9-12 Boarding School is a six-day program. 

Saturdays will look different for each Grade 8 student: 

With the support of parents and the school, each Grade 8 student will create a Saturday that works best for them. 

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